We offer a variety of unique services.

Pool maintenance

The community pool is the hub for your neighborhood and we want your patrons to enjoy their experience and keep coming back.

Pool maintenance is not a “one-size-fits-all” process; each pool’s unique nature requires training and sensitivity to changing conditions. Maintenance involves not only the water in the pool, but oversight of your pool equipment, surrounding property and even your cabana.

Being San Antonio natives and through our years of pool management experience, we have identified the critical factors for keeping your community pool well monitored and maintained. We protect the pool environment to keep your pool patrons safe and uncompromised. This is our commitment to you.


Our lifeguards are trained according to Red Cross protocols and we ensure that your pool is staffed as contracted to meet all safety and liability requirements.

In order to maintain their certifications, our lifeguards complete in-service training modules throughout the summer. Our lifeguards understand that while they are on duty, they must be “rescue ready” at all times; at their station, in a uniform that identifies them as the on-duty lifeguard, with the rescue equipment strapped on, and always alert.

Scanning and recognition of a swimmer in distress area our lifeguard’s most important skills. The 10/20 Protection Rule provides the guideline our lifeguards follow for protecting your pool patrons. Thes means they have 10 seconds to scan their Zone of Protection and recognize a swimmer in distress and then 20 seconds to rescue that victim. Early recognition and quick reaction is the primary component to a successful rescue.

Chemical delivery and monitoring

In and out of swim season, it’s important to maintain the chemical balance of your community pool.

Swimmers, rain water, source water, circulation, phosphates, wind, debris and even the sun can affect the chemicals in your pool water to lose their effectiveness. To keep water clean and safe, pool operators must adjust pool chemical levels. Maintaining proper pool chemistry can be a challenging task, especially in community pools. We provide year-round monitoring and chemical delivery to ensure your pool is always in the best condition.

Summer swim programs

A summer swim team can enhance the relationships among homewoners and be a source of pride for your community.

Seven Wells Pools will come along side your HOA Board and coach you through the process of establishing and overseeing a swim club. We provide expertise from everything from naming your club to structuring the club. We help you secure documentation including safety, education, background screening and athlete protection. We will direct you to a professional to establish your non-profit organization and lay out your plans for establishing a governing body and hiring a coach. Rest easy, Seven Wells Pools has your back and will get your club up and running.

Swim lessons

Does your community want to offer swim lessons to the community?

Seven Wells Pools is here to help you establish a plan, organize a calendar and provide coaches to make it happen. Swim lessons are not only of value to your neighbors but important in managing the liability of your pool association. Whether you offer lessons at the beginning of the swim season or through-out the summer, we are here to help.

Pool safety checks

Families spend hours at your community pool and while the pool is meant to be a source of a fun summer activity, they can pose numerous threats if used without caution.

Seven Wells will provide a pool safety assessment and monitor safety throughout the season. This assessment includes surveying the pool fencing, inventorying and maintaining pool life-saving equipment, securing pool chemicals and ensuring proper signage is always visible. All of this comes as part of our pool management contract.



The old expression “it is easier to keep up than to catch up” could not be more true when it comes to pools.

Swimming pools require regular maintenance as well as repairs in order to last for their full intended lifespan. Repairs are often related to cracks, hollow spots that occur when the substrate separates from the pool or leaks in the plumbing or pool pump equipment wear and tear. We are experts at monitoring and executing repairs that will keep your pool at its best.